Bricks as a Building Material

If you are looking to build a house or a wall or a fence made out of bricks, you might want to consider the cost for it can be very expensive; aside from that, it takes a lot of effort to use one. However, if you intend to use them primarily because you want to dampen the noise or you want to have a more secure property, bricks generally outperform other building materials.


Bricks are rectangular-shaped, red material that is generally made out of fired clay. They can be bought brand-new or you can buy those that are used or new bricks that have been intentionally treated to give out a vintage look. Note that when you choose to buy used bricks, it is important for you to pick those that don’t show too much wear and tear as they may be prone to more damage.


To build something made out of brick, you practically need mortar. It can be bought in bags where you only need to add water for it to be readily used. It is very important that you read the label on the bag first to ensure that you are mixing them properly. Note, however, that mortar should be mixed to a consistency that is similar to that of a pudding.

Mortar Ingredients

If you wish to save money on mortar, you can actually buy the ingredients yourself and make one yourself. This is a less expensive way of building something made of bricks, but it takes a great amount of work to mix the ingredients altogether. Mortars are actually made out of cement, sand, and lime. The mixture is generally made up of one part cement, one part lime, with six parts sand.


Water is an essential ingredient in building a brick wall, fence, or house. This is primarily because it serves as a catalyst that causes mortar to bond together. It is very important that the water must be clean and is at room temperature only.