Dates and Products of Building Supplies Exhibition 2014-2015

Every year, different companies from all over the world will have an expo about their products to advertise them. We have the American expo supplies, European expo, Asia-pacific, China and other leading countries and states that showcase their supplies and materials as well as trade fairs on its building construction sector. Electronic sectors are also featured and even all types of building materials, electrical, plumbing, and sanitary and kitchen ware and many more. Below are expositions that will occur within 2014 and 2015 respectively.

  • Home, Garden and Design Show – this will happen on August 26-28 2014 and it is perfect to showcase best home furniture and decorations and many more. This will be held at Santa Clara, USA.
  • Icon expo – this will be held on the 11-13 January 2015 at Washington, USA. This expo will showcase manufacturers and sellers of concrete building materials and hardscape products and services.
  • International builder’s show – it will be held on January 22-24 2015 at Orlando, USA and it will exhibit residential and commercial building industry only such as bathroom equipment and accessories, construction products and many more.
  • Green building and retrofits expo Asia – this will be held at Bangkok, Thailand on September 18-20 2014. It will showcase building and construction materials and systems, energy technology, mechanical and electrical systems and management, waste and toxic management, etc.
  • Paint Istanbul – this will happen on October 23-25 2014 at Turkey and it showcases insulation and building construction chemical packaging, testing and production equipment provider, etc.
  • Niconex – it will be held at Nigeria on October 2014 and it exhibits building and construction, glass and metal, water technology and environment, ceramics, marble and machinery.
  • Hong Kong building and decoration – this will happen in October 2014 at Hong Kong and it will showcase building and decorative hardware, ceiling and curtain wall ceramic, green building materials, etc.
  • The big 5 Dubai – it will be held at Dubai around November 2014 and it exhibit building and construction, glass and metal, bathroom and ceramics, marble and machinery.

There are lots of expo held around the globe and if you are interested on these expos, you need to remember the dates and places.