Dates and Products of Building Supplies Exhibition 2014-2015

Every year, different companies from all over the world will have an expo about their products to advertise them. We have the American expo supplies, European expo, Asia-pacific, China and other leading countries and states that showcase their supplies and materials as well as trade fairs on its building construction sector. Electronic sectors are also featured and even all types of building materials, electrical, plumbing, and sanitary and kitchen ware and many more. Below are expositions that will occur within 2014 and 2015 respectively.

  • Home, Garden and Design Show – this will happen on August 26-28 2014 and it is perfect to showcase best home furniture and decorations and many more. This will be held at Santa Clara, USA.
  • Icon expo – this will be held on the 11-13 January 2015 at Washington, USA. This expo will showcase manufacturers and sellers of concrete building materials and hardscape products and services.
  • International builder’s show – it will be held on January 22-24 2015 at Orlando, USA and it will exhibit residential and commercial building industry only such as bathroom equipment and accessories, construction products and many more.
  • Green building and retrofits expo Asia – this will be held at Bangkok, Thailand on September 18-20 2014. It will showcase building and construction materials and systems, energy technology, mechanical and electrical systems and management, waste and toxic management, etc.
  • Paint Istanbul – this will happen on October 23-25 2014 at Turkey and it showcases insulation and building construction chemical packaging, testing and production equipment provider, etc.
  • Niconex – it will be held at Nigeria on October 2014 and it exhibits building and construction, glass and metal, water technology and environment, ceramics, marble and machinery.
  • Hong Kong building and decoration – this will happen in October 2014 at Hong Kong and it will showcase building and decorative hardware, ceiling and curtain wall ceramic, green building materials, etc.
  • The big 5 Dubai – it will be held at Dubai around November 2014 and it exhibit building and construction, glass and metal, bathroom and ceramics, marble and machinery.

There are lots of expo held around the globe and if you are interested on these expos, you need to remember the dates and places.

Building Services: Its Importance and Roles

What makes a building come to life is through building services. Without the force of these division, building and establishments are dull and in chaos. Many of these types of services are generally responsible for the design, setting up and repairs as well as monitoring of every area of the establishment that are required for harmless, undisturbed and environment-friendly set-up of buildings.

Imagine yourself in a magnificent building and then take away all the amenities and facilities that you have, you will be left in a cold dark place. A building is designed to protect and provide shelter to people and not only that, a building must perform what it was designed to do and to be in an environment where people living in it can work, live and accomplish their goals. Below is list of building services that is common for a building services agency.

  • Natural and artificial lighting as well as building facade.
  • Water, drainage and plumbing.
  • Escalators and lifts.
  • Ventilation and refrigeration.
  • Energy supply that will include electricity, gas and renewable sources.
  • Air-conditioning and heating.
  • Security and alarm systems.
  • Fire detection and protection.
  • Landlord safety checks.
  • Communication lines, telephones and IT networks.

There are also building services that offer more risky situations that needs an expert to do the job. Here are examples of high-risk building services.

  • Commercial boiler plant design, servicing and installation.
  • Building energy management system.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and precautions programs to current engineering set up.
  • Design and installation of heating system as well as maintenance and repair in all types of commercial buildings.

Periodic assessment and reporting of electrical installations.

Building services must provide maintenance 24/7 where rapid response to the customers are observed. There are also maintenance that is planned wherein it requires a daily need for the job and is tailored to the precise needs of the client. Building services are important in all types of building such as commercial, residential, industrial and the like. Each of these establishments need to be well maintained and cared of.

A lot of investment nowadays go to construction of buildings such as residential, commercial and industrial, airports, hospitals, schools and others. All these, you need to maintain them through regular cleaning, inspection and repairs and this will ensure that there will be no extra cost of repairs or maintenance due to delays and negligence. It is very important that proper maintenance and care must be done in every corner of your buildings so that it will last longer.

Bricks as a Building Material

If you are looking to build a house or a wall or a fence made out of bricks, you might want to consider the cost for it can be very expensive; aside from that, it takes a lot of effort to use one. However, if you intend to use them primarily because you want to dampen the noise or you want to have a more secure property, bricks generally outperform other building materials.


Bricks are rectangular-shaped, red material that is generally made out of fired clay. They can be bought brand-new or you can buy those that are used or new bricks that have been intentionally treated to give out a vintage look. Note that when you choose to buy used bricks, it is important for you to pick those that don’t show too much wear and tear as they may be prone to more damage.


To build something made out of brick, you practically need mortar. It can be bought in bags where you only need to add water for it to be readily used. It is very important that you read the label on the bag first to ensure that you are mixing them properly. Note, however, that mortar should be mixed to a consistency that is similar to that of a pudding.

Mortar Ingredients

If you wish to save money on mortar, you can actually buy the ingredients yourself and make one yourself. This is a less expensive way of building something made of bricks, but it takes a great amount of work to mix the ingredients altogether. Mortars are actually made out of cement, sand, and lime. The mixture is generally made up of one part cement, one part lime, with six parts sand.


Water is an essential ingredient in building a brick wall, fence, or house. This is primarily because it serves as a catalyst that causes mortar to bond together. It is very important that the water must be clean and is at room temperature only.