Selection of Glass Building Materials and Its Purpose

The use of glass building materials has different positive features for every construction project. It is not just about making an establishment look nice or good, but it is also considered to be an important part. Clear windows are being used after the invention of glass to cover openings in a building. The use of glass in architectural buildings is very rampant today and it is very popular in today’s architectural culture. Let us get to know more about the different glass building materials that you can find through the details below:

  • Glass-Ceramic – it is one of the properties of glass and with its unique features, light-reflecting qualities and surface structures include lend dynamic expressiveness and flexibility design in buildings, they are more resistant to weather compared to usual stones and cements which do not captivate water. Because of these characteristics, glass are being employed for building exteriors and interiors, underground concourses and subway stations.
  • Glass blocks – this type of product creates soft spaces and varying light. It’s a two joint box-shaped piece, which forms a hollow structure and the proprietary construction methods are essential because these blocks are outstanding in its performance in terms of sound dampening, insulation, earthquake resistance and crime prevention.
  • Radiation shielding glass – this type of glass is used in medical facilities windows to prevent x-ray and radio-active materials from spreading. Its high light conduction allow great accuracy and speedy diagnoses because of its exceptional radiation shielding characteristics.
  • Fire-rated glass – it is a very unique type of glass and it can hold severe heat from fire and thermal blow of water used in fire fighting.
  • Daylight and shading glass – it is an insulated glass that provides finest control of heat and light in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Anti-reflective glass – this type of architectural glass has an anti-reflective covering on both sides to deal a perfect and unhindered view free from reflections during the day and night.
  • Decorative glass – is a type of glass used for artistic exterior and interior applications.

When you want to use glass for your architectural buildings, you must know the difference and uses of a particular glass.